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Financial Aid Charge Dates: January 3rd-13th. Please bring Schedule and Photo ID.

If ordering online or getting book/pricing information, click on Textbook Lookup to begin. Then, choose your term, department, and section. Repeat the process for additional classes.

When using Textbook Lookup, please note that: SP=Spring, SU=Summer, and FA=Fall.

Art Supplies

CLAY Stans Red - (pickup in store only)

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One block of clay is ~25 lbs. This item will not be shipped. If we are out of stock, we may not re-order.

Conte a Paris Drawing Set - Pencils, Charcoal, and Blenders

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Drafting Kit - Engineering w/French Curve added

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Pottery Tool Kit - Jack Richardson

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Strathmore Colored Pencil Sketchbook 9x12in 30 sheets

$5.50 - $10.00
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